We welcome new merchants and make your online store for FREE!

We welcome new merchants and make your online store for FREE!

With our current economic situation nowadays a lot of jobs and businesses have been affected by the Covid19 pandemic. It means most of us not just here in our country but the entire world has been taking a toll on our source of livelihood.

No one can just go out and business has been in the skeletal workforce just to strive and survive. Most especially those businesses that are in brick and mortar like in malls, MRT, or on streets. They are the most badly affected. They cannot easily transition their business into online, probably if they are maybe they only have their Facebook page.


Our Passion

I've been a fan of tech gadgets, laptops, cellphones, and other consumer electronics. I use to go to cyberzone in SM malls to buy or check any new technology coming out. But since this pandemic has affected our lives, business owners find ways how to transition their businesses online in the fastest and cheapest way.

This is the main reason why we took a step to open our online store to other merchants to help them transition to online in a secure and easiest possible. We focus our online store on tech gadgets and consumer electronics only. We want our customers to be a laser focus on what product they want to buy from us. This way our merchants will have more chances to sell their products as well.


Our difference to other marketplaces

Not unlike other marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, or Facebook marketplace, their product is scattered if you are looking for a gadget or laptop chances are you will be distracted by other products seeing on their website. 

We offer a one-stop-shop solution for our customers, physical products and digital products are also available for purchase in our store. We also offer job services like repair, web hosting, web design, photography, printing service, and other services that our partner can offer.


Why did you need to partner with us?

As partner sellers, we want to help you reduce the cost of doing business we want you to get started immediately and start selling online right away. We will help you to streamline your business process without worrying about the cost and time and effort to set up your store.

Since our platform is in the cloud, you can work remotely everywhere you go, in this way it will give you more flexibility in case another pandemic strike. 

We handle the logistic processing of your customer order, we make sure that payment is all secure and payout to you will be processed on time.


Signing up Now

For you to signup with us, you need to register to our Tekno Seller Center portal click here. This will bring you to our registration process and after that, you need to verify your account, you need to take note of our documentation which is very important.

Our platform is free for individual or corporate account, we provide the full functionality of our system to our sellers. It's very easy to use the platform and you can start selling already in few minutes.

You need to take note that we have fees that we charge for each uploaded products. These fees keep our business moving and to better serve you and our customers. Please note that we charge 4%+VAT (4.48%) commission fee and 3.5%+VAT (3.92%) processing fee.

We don't charge membership unless you want to upgrade to a premium account you can see our membership plan here. As premium member we give you more premium service, we give you option to have seller staff, we offer drop shipping opportunity to connect with the drop shipping community, give you less commission fee, access to our marketing and deals. As much as possible we want our sellers to save cost from moving to an online store and this our mission to bring more sellers to start small and get big in the future.

Seller Support

We have different ways to serve you, not just in our platform but in making your business digital. We provide Tekno university training for our sellers from time to time posting videos or presentation slides on how to improve your business.

We provide also ways to support your business for paid ads and marketing. We make sure also that our website is optimized its either thru SEO and SEM. We can do blog posts also, live selling, and influencers selling.


To conclude

The bottom line here is that we do the hard work for you. We want you to focus on the most important aspect of your business.

Getting your business up takes a long journey and there is no shortcut to success. We at Ichiban Tekno Marketplace we help you with your business process making it easier for you to move further. #LetsdoIT.

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